How to Make Anointing Oil/Water

Quite frankly there is nothing mystical or magical about “Anointing Oil” or “Holy Water.” It is not even required for a priest or clergy to pray over oil or water to make it Holy. It is God himself and He alone that makes oil or water Holy in His name. All that is required to make holy water or oil is to simply pray over it with a simple prayer:
“Father God, I pray right now that you anoint this oil (water) [and even the vial] in Your heavenly name. I pray that You cleanse it of any defilement that may be in or upon it, and you make it holy for the work of Your glory in Jesus’ name.”

That’s it! From here you can anoint away and use it in prayer, repentance or anything the Lord leads you to use the Anointing Oil with. In the past I have used it when praying over healing in a person’s life, as well as using it for myself when repenting of sins or praying over another person for protection or general healing. Sometimes I would put a little oil on an affected limb and watch as God does a healing miracle either on the spot or over the coming days. Other times I would put some on my forehead and the top or back of my neck to clear my thoughts or cleanse me from sin. When I do so, I often feel lightness and refreshing in my mind and body.
Remember. There is absolutely no power in the oil itself, oil is just oil. The power comes from what it symbolizes and how God uses the “cleansed” oil to do his perfect will.

Anointing oil is also useful in anointing homes. Throw out anything in your house that might be “New Age” or have demonic roots in any way shape or form, then go around your house anointing the frame of every door way and every room. Ask God to fill your house with His spirit and do His will in your house. Doing this claims your house to be “Holy Ground” and because of it, Satan’s will can not manifest in it. Sometimes demonic attack may manifest as arguments between family members, or even general sickness.

Anointing oil is not needed for prayer, in fact (in general) prayers are just as powerful without it. Anointing oil is just another tool we can use as intercessors to break the bonds of the enemy and claim Holy Ground and victory against our aggressor Satan.

I have personally found the more I use Holy Oil from the same vial in my prayer life, the more the oil shows immediate manifestations in my prayer life. But remember! Please don’t make an idol out of your oil. It is a sword (tool that is used in war) and worshiping, leaning on or praising the beauty and effectiveness of a sword really serves as a distraction from the entire battle that surrounds us every day.