Carry me Jesus

Jesus I feel overwhelmed. I can’t stand the pressure. It is too much for me. The burden is too heavy. I need you. I need you to carry me through this period of my life. Would you carry me?

Prayer for fighting for marriage

Sometime ago, a spouse contacted me because he could no longer live with his wife. He hated everything about her. It was as if she had become a monster overnight.  No; there was no ‘other woman’ involved. He resented her in his home.
I discerned that the forces of evil were influencing the situation. And we launched out in warfare prayer against the demonic hordes working against their marriage. And through online counselling, we were able to work through all the other issues that opened them up for demon activity.
Some of those issues are also confronted in this prayer as well


  • ALMIGHTY GOD, thank YOU for the marriages represented hereon.
  • I ask ABBA that your power to heal and to restore be here present.
  • I identify and confess as sin: anger, bitterness, resentment, selfishness, greed, avarice, inability to forgive and to let go, disobedience, and the putting of others first before YOU and our spouse.
  • In accordance with YOUR Word, I affirm that you have blotted out our sins as well as the handwriting of ordinances working against us.
  • We receive cleansing from all unrighteousness. And affirm that our minds are renewed and we now function in accordance with your will.
  • Let your peace flood our souls.
  • Let unconditional love saturates the entirety of our beings so that the wives will be submissive;  the husbands would love their wives las CHRIST loved the Church and died for Her; and both spouses would submit to one another in love.
  • By the Speaking Blood of JESUS CHRIST, We come against the forces of evil that has been assigned to frustrate and break marriages.
  • All controlling spirits sent against your marriage are bound and rendered impotent and are to leave at once.
  • All negative spiritual networks and reinforcements are to self-destruct at once. Zero visuals. Your marriage is no longer in satan’s radar now, in CHRIST’s name
  • All demons on assignment to your marriage are now isolated and rendered impotent. They can no longer perform their enterprise.
  • The name of JESUS CHRIST is exalted above all names in heaven, on earth and under the earth: therefore as these names are mentioned, all evil spirits and their relatives associated with the following names are to leave at once without causing any damage to lives and property:Anger; bitterness; resentment; selfishness; malcontent; greed; avarice; wickedness; negative memory; frustration; divorce; separation; single-parenting; constant disagreements; deep seated anger; anguish of soul; fault-finding; blame-shifting; rejection; irresponsibility; plan-less spending; addiction and  addictive behaviour; carelessness; inconsideration; vindictiveness; trouble from in-laws; the tormenting of children with regular/cyclical sicknesses; economic hardship; hate; revenge; disharmony and all form of abuse; cheating; lying; lust; unrealistic expectations, occult projections; witchcraft; idolatry and sorcery
  • I place a ban on all outgoing demons to never to come back under any guise or disguise to torment, oppress, suppress, obsess, intimidate, manipulate, or control ever again, in CHRIST’s name
  • The FINGER of GOD, the shield of faith and the word of my testimony is against all such evil spirits.
  • I affirm that the works of the devil is destroyed and your marriage is set free to model CHRIST and the Church.
  • Today is the day of salvation, restoration, deliverance and healing of individuals and marriages! An end has come to evil.  The good is come. Let peace like a river flow!All the works of the devil in your marriage is destroyed!
  • Your emotions, mind-set, affection, memory, feelings, mouth, reasoning faculties, perception, understanding, hearing, view-point, speech, body language, attitude and personality is cleansed and renewed.
  • GOD is working in and through you to touch more lives through your marriage.Your marriage is graced and favoured. Unity, harmony, faith, commitment, understanding, love, loyalty, accountability, and Godly characteristics flourish.
  • The fruit of the Holy Spirit is more evident in you. You are producing fruits worthy of repentance.Your household is blessed. Your children are blessed.
  • Your marriage will not end in divorce.  The scourge of ancestral marital failures is stopped in your generation. Single parenting is not your portion. Your spouse will not abandon you and the kids.
  • Your spouse will live long and you both shall enjoy your marriage and endure each other.
  • The other man/woman is to go at once and be married to another
  • Ungodly soul ties are severed. No one, no matter who they are, can interfere with your marriage again. The joy of marriage is restored to you. Your companionship is restored.
  • We boldly declare that the forces behind addiction, infidelity, spousal abuse and neglect are incapacitated. Your marital bond is renewed.
  • Every other relationship that is interfering with the unity and harmony of your family is terminated at once.
  • All straying spouses are to return home and be reconciled.  Forgiveness flourishes. Laughter resounds in your home.
  • I speak to your finances and economic base to receive the multiplier effect. Have more than enough and bless others.From today, the love and fear of GOD shall inform all your interactions with each other, in CHRIST name.
  • Receive more grace in your marriage. It is well with you all, in CHRIST name I have prayed.
  • Thank you ABBA for speedy answers to our prayers, for am confident that  YOU will confirm my words and perform my counsel to YOUR glory and praise, in CHRIST name. Amen.
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Prayer to reclaim your marriage

Today, in Jesus name, I reclaim my marriage for Christ. 

No man, no woman, no demon and no stronghold will separate what God has brought together.

 Satan, I now command you in the name of Jesus to get your hands off of  my marriage. 

Foul spirit of adultery I command that you leave _________’s mind. 

Your powers were broken two thousand years ago at the cross. 

You have no right to touch or torment __________’s mind.

 I now cover my marriage, our home, our family and all that we have under the blood of Jesus Christ. 

I claim complete restoration for my home, my family and my marriage. I speak healing between me and my spouse and Lord I ask that you would bring your healing touch upon our relationship. 

I pray all of this in Jesus name.” 

Prayer in a Marriage or Personal Crisis, Broken Heart and Depression

How does one pray then in the midst of marriage breakup, divorce or breakdown of a serious legal relationship?
1. The purpose of this prayer is to strip away Satan’s power to veil the eyes of the person.

2.  Check out forgiveness as a secret of emotional safety and protection in times of emotional crisis – marriage breakup, for example.

3.  There is a prayer for care of a broken heart so you don’t become bitter and unable to love again.

4.  Stick with me, here.  There is a place for praise when broken hearted and depressed

5.  Remember Footprints? Well, you can ask Jesus to carry you when life is overwhelming.

6.  Bad news?  Right in the middle of a marriage crisis something else may be happening.  You might be having a mini nervous breakdown.  Now that is not fair.  (But life is not always fair, is it?)

  1. Level Playing Field

Father, I take a stand, in Jesus name, against all the works of the enemy in this situation.

I claim protection for (names) that they be signed with the cross of Jesus, sealed with the blood of Jesus, hidden in Christ and protected all around with your holy angels.

I call upon God: for the presence of God within this situation, for the wisdom from above for each one, and for God’s quick judgment upon the plans of Satan and the works of darkness in this situation.

I call for victory in Jesus name for God’s truth and God’s holy ones.

I claim defeat, in Jesus name, of Satan’s power to veil minds. May all veils be removed and spiritual eyes be opened to see and know what is true.

I claim defeat, in Jesus name, of any and all fascination with sin or evil. May eyes be open to the beauty, grace and truth of God.

In the authority of Jesus I break the power of any curse, negative work or unbelieving prayer against anyone in this situation. I break it off in Jesus name and ask Jesus to break the power of any evil riding upon these curses or negative words.

May ears be open to God’s Word, to the truth that sets us free. Feed us Father with your daily bread – Your very word spoken to us. Send forth Your Word of healing and blessing. For Your word is living and powerful and accomplishes Your purposes.

Praise be to God”

2. Forgiveness as the Secret of Protection from Name-calling forgiveness

If you want protection from name-calling and mud slinging in a relationship then you have some decisions to make. Do you need to fight back? Do you need to hurt the one that is hurting you?

Taking emotional revenge comes at a price. God will not protect you from emotional hurt.

If you want God to protect you emotionally then you have to give up your right to strike back. You cannot avenge yourself by hurting the other. Whenever you are act as your own protector you keep God out of it

However, as soon as you decide not to hurt the other God steps in to protect you. You will be amazed at the invisible shield that God puts up.

Decide to walk in forgiveness toward the other. As they hurt you forgive.

Move into blessing the other. As the speak ill of you, you, in your mind, speak blessing toward them. “Father bless then, show them Your love. Give them your peace.

3. Broken Heart to God – a Prayer in times of Heart Break and Depression broken heart

Your heart may be broken. If you give your heart to God it will mend right. If you don’t it will have scars. It will be hardened and bitter. You will not be able to easily love again. So trust your heart to God.

He will hold those broken pieces in His hands. As they mend you will have a soft heart. You will be able to love again with increased love.

The verbal prayer goes like this:

Father my heart is broken. I feel like it is in pieces. I need to put my heart into your care. Will you take care of it for me? I want to be able to love again. I don’t want to be bitter and brittle.

A physical way of expressing it is to physically reach out with the motion of giving your heart into the hands of Jesus.

Take time to listen to God. Wait for His affirmation that he will take your heart into His care. When you sense this, thank Him.

You can do the “Broken Heart to God” prayer as a story – an inner drama. Picture yourself taking your heart and placing it in the Father’s hands. See Him take your heart into His hands. Ask Him to take care of your heart. Wait and see what happens. What do you sense? What do you feel? What do your hear? Give thanks.

4.   Pray with praise when broken hearted and depressed praise when broken

In a personal crisis it is easy to get discouraged and lose faith. Ones spirits can droop and we become depressed. Praise to God counteracts this.

One highly important action to take in times like this is to find things to thank God for. Gratitude is a healthy feeling.

You can keep a blessing book. Every day note one blessing. This brings encouragement.

Keep praise and worship songs in one’s life. Praise builds faith. Praise generates spiritual power even more than prayer.

Encourage yourself with praise. Learn an instrument. Collect praise songs. Read over praise psalms.

Write your own psalms of praise – crafted praise. Listen to God, meditate and write praises to God for His ability to work everything out for good.

It doesn’t make sense but it works.  Praise in times of crisis.

5.   Use the “Carry Me Jesus” Prayer when Overwhelmed “Jesus to carry

There are time when one feels totally overwhelmed. Grief and loss of piled up. Depression rolls in. Painful memories are more then pleasant ones. Life’s frustrations outnumber the satisfactions. The ones that are closest to you hurt or desert you. No one understands. Guilt may be extreme. Energy may be minimal. Unsolved problems compound. Anxiety builds. There doesn’t seem to be any way out.

Do you want a Biblical description of deep depression to the point of being overwhelmed? Look at Psalm 142 and 143 for a variety of images describing depression. Note the following words and images in the King James version: ‘my spirit was overwhelmed within me’ (142:3, 143:4), ‘no one cares for my soul’ (142:4), ‘I am brought very low’ (142:6), ‘Bring my soul out of prison’ (142:7), ‘the enemy has crushed my life to the ground, has made me dwell in darkness’ (142:3), ‘my heart within me is distressed’ (143:4), ‘my spirit fails’ (143:7),  ‘lest I be like those who go down into the pit’ (143:7).

Not only is one’s life is a crisis, in these verses it seems one’s heart, soul and spirit – one’s very life – is on the line.

“Carry Me”

In this situation where one feel overwhelmed it appropriate to ask Jesus to carry you. Jesus is willing to carry you. Remember ‘Footprints.’

The “Carry Me” verbal prayer would go like this:

Jesus I feel overwhelmed. I can’t stand the pressure. It is too much for me. The burden is too heavy. I need you. I need you to carry me through this period of my life. Would you carry me?

You are asking a question so take time to listen for the answer. Be still. Wait. Don’t think but do note what thoughts come spontaneously to you. What images do you see or sense? What thought comes to you? Observe your feelings, thoughts and imagination for God’s response. Thank him.

“Carry Me” refers to a picture of a lost sheep. Away form the fold this sheep is out in the cold night, scared and perhaps trapped where it cannot move. The shepherd must look for the lost sheep. The shepherd picks up this lost sheep and carries it home. The sheep is calmed and warmed by the shepherd’s body and calm voice. The sheep is now safe with the shepherd and soon will be safe home with the flock. This feels good.

“Carry Me” is a inner prayer drama would go like this. Imagine yourself as a lost sheep. You are calling out for the shepherd. You are scared, wet, cold and trapped. You fee awful. Finally the Good Shepherd arrives. He picks you up. Calms you down. Dries you off and carries you home. You feel warmed and calmed as the shepherd carries you. Imagine how you feel. Take a few minutes to experience you, as this sheep, being carried along by the shepherd. Imagine how thankful you feel toward your shepherd. Imagine how good you feel when you are back home.

When you are finished notice how you feel. If you have time write a prayer to Jesus the Good Shepherd that you can say every day – your own psalm.

7.  Nervous Breakdown and Positive Breakdown nervous breakdown

Common language often conveys great insight. The term “nervous breakdown” reflects the people’s experience. People can and do experience that “feel like I am having a nervous breakdown.” So if you want a definition ask the people who have experienced it.

My sense of what this term means is a stressful period where one feels overwhelmed and where something is happening to one but one can’t say what it is. It is a period of confusion. One doesn’t know what is going on.  People in this state may frequently say, “I don’t know.”

What is my interpretation of this? The reason for the confusion is that there is major pressure on one’s identity and practices patterns of being. There is a disintegration of one’s assigned family role – of one’s character pattern. This disintegration brings with it a confusion of one’s identity?

What is happening is that a major character pattern that served in the past no longer serves. One is in an identity change. The old is passing away and the new is coming into place.

Dabrowski coined the phrase “Positive Disintegration,” (Positive Disintegration, Little, Brown and Co., 1964). In his model of human development there is disintegration of one stage of development so that one may move up to a higher level of development. My understanding of what is breaking down is different than Dabrowski’s but I am in his debt for the concept of a positive disintegration that leads to higher functioning.

God is the God of happy endings. In the case of a nervous breakdown, the happy ending is emerging with a new more functional pattern. For example, “People Pleasing” breaks down and the people emerge free to be themselves. A new life starts free from the fear of people.

However it is possible that one does not emerge from the breakdown of the old character pattern If the nervous breakdown does not move through to a healthy new pattern then one may life in a state of hopelessness resignation. One may live in a continuous state of anxiety and or depression. One may display underlying bitterness or hostility. One lives as one without hope.

Counselling for a Nervous Breakdown

A wise counsellor helps to make a nervous breakdown into a positive breakdown. It is extremely important to access counselling resources at this time of one’s life. Failure to experience a positive breakdown leaves one in the unhappy state described above.

My role a counsellor is to give understanding of the process, to give hope of this positive outcome and to support the emergence of the new and the abandonment of the old identity.

As a Christian Transformational Counsellor, I identify what is breaking down in terms of the character patterns described by the Sandfords. Parental Inversion and Performance Orientation (Sandford, John and Paula, Transformation of the Inner Man, Bridge, 1982) are two such patterns.

I convey hope and confidence because I recognize what is happening. I understand the process. I understand the underlying belief systems behind the dysfunctional character patterns. I am like an experienced midwife. I don’t control the process but I can coach and guide a person through it.

Everyone will have times when their life is in a crisis and their emotional resources are overwhelmed. This is normal. What is not normal is to never have a major overwhelming life crisis. As far as I know this does not happen. It is normal to have crisis times.

During the emotional turmoil of the nervous breakdown the client often lacks the emotional resources to do inner healing – Christian in depth prayer psychotherapy.

However, some of the tools of Listening Prayer Therapy (Listen to God, G. Hartwell, unpublished manuscript, can be used in the nervous breakdown. “Put it on the Altar”, “Grief and Comfort” and “Carry Me” can be helpful.

The counsellor should recognize and rejoice when he or she sees someone pulling out of the breakdown in a positive way.

Signs of Pulling through your ‘Breakdown’

What are the signs of someone pulling out of the breakdown in a positive way?

During the time of identity confusion people will use the phrase: “I don’t know.” It must be “I don’t know” without an object. My translation of “I don’t know” is “I don’t know who I am. I am confused about my identity right now.” However, I will not hear “I don’t know” when someone is pulling out of their time of disintegration.

What one does hear, if the person emerges from a pattern of people pleasing, is “I don’t care anymore.” I know that it is time to rejoice. Why? Because my interpretation is: “I don’t care anymore to live my life living up to people’s expectations. It is time to learn to be myself.”

I can’t identify as clearly the signal that people are disgusted with their pattern of being “Super Responsible.” I don’t know why that is. It may that “Super Responsible is more resistant to a positive breakdown. More observation is needed.

In counselling sessions the counsellor is often listening to the person and to God. We pray to make sure that God is invited into this character transformation process. The prayers used in “Listening Prayer Therapy” are used as appropriate in the session, as God leads. The counsellor carries some of the burden with the person as an intercessor. It is important to pray at the end of each session to release as much as possible of this burden to God.

Source Playing Field

Prayers for Breaking Curses and Releasing Blessings of God

Original source: Apostle John Eckhardt’s book “Prayers that Rout Demons”

Breaking Curses and Releasing the Blessings of God
I am redeemed from the curse through the blood of Jesus (Galatians 3:13).
I am the seed of Abraham, and his blessing is mine (Galatians 3:14).
I choose blessing instead of cursing and life instead of death (Deuteronomy 11:26).
I break and release myself from all generational curses and iniquities as a result of the sins of my ancestors in the name of Jesus.
I break and release myself from all curses on both sides of my family back sixty generations.
I break all curses of witchcraft, sorcery, and divination in the name of Jesus.
I break and release myself from all curses of pride and rebellion in the name of Jesus.
I break and release myself from all curses of death and destruction in the name of Jesus.
I break and rebuke all curses of sickness and infirmity in the name of Jesus.
I break and release myself from all curses of poverty, lack, and debt in the name of Jesus.
I break and release myself from all curses of rejection in the name of Jesus.
I break and release myself from all curses of double-mindedness and schizophrenia in the name of Jesus.
I break and release myself from all curses of Jezebel and Ahab in the name of Jesus.
I break and release myself from all curses of divorce and separation in the name of Jesus.
I break and release myself from all curses of lust and perversion in the name of Jesus.
I break and release myself from all curses of confusion and mental illness in the name of Jesus.
I break and release myself from all curses of idolatry in the name of Jesus.
I break and release myself from all curses causing accidents and premature death in the name of Jesus.
I break and release myself from all curses of wandering and vagabond in the name of Jesus.
I break and release myself from all spoken curses and negative words spoken against me by others and by those in authority, and I bless them.
I break and release myself from all self-inflicted curses by negative words I have spoken in the name of Jesus.
I command every demon hiding and operating behind a curse to come out in the name of Jesus.

Prayer against the Jezebel Spirit from your life

Father, I acknowledge that I have yielded myself to the spirit of Jezebel. I come to you, humbling myself before you. I desire your standard of righteousness and holiness.

I ask you to forgive me for my tolerance of the Jezebel spirit and for being sympathetic to its ways. Please forgive me for every way I have opened myself up to this spirit. Help me to ruthlessly reject every type of this thinking and the desire to control and manipulate other people.

I renounce and bind this demon of Jezebel, and I pull down this stronghold in my life.

Through the Holy Spirit I will live by your standard of righteousness, holiness and conduct. Open my eyes and cause Your light to expose any darkness, and help me to walk in humility and truth.

In Jesus Name,


30 traits of the Jezebel Spirit

Jezebel is a spirit, but it finds access through uncrucified flesh.  Although the Jezebel spirit is described in the Bible as being a woman, it does not actually have a gender. There is no doubt that it functions just as proficiently through men.


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1. Refuses to admit guilt or wrong

A Jezebel spirit is never wrong, unless it is a temporary admittance of guilt to gain “favor” with someone. To accept responsibility would violate the core of insecurity and pride from which it operates. When a Jezebel apologizes it is never in true repentance or acknowledgment of wrongdoing but rather “I’m sorry your feelings were hurt.”

2. Takes credit for everything

While a strong trait of Jezebel is to never take responsibility for his wrong actions or behavior, he also is quick to take credit for benefits for which he contributed no effort.

3. Uses people to accomplish its agenda

The Jezebel spirit lets others do its dirty work. The Jezebel gets another person’s emotions stirred up, then lets that person go into a rage. The Jezebel sits back looking innocent, saying “Who me? What did I do?” This behavior makes it difficult for even the most ardent truth seekers to pin one down. The Jezebel spirit is clever in its agenda.

4. Withholds information

This is a form of control. A Jezebel wields power over you by knowing something you don’t know in a situation. In the eyes of a Jezebel, having information you don’t have is a powerful weapon of control.

5. Talks in confusion

It is impossible to converse with a Jezebel in logic. One pastor wrote a six-page letter to his elders about a situation in the church. The context was so vague that no one was without confusion. This is a way to maintain control and domination. When confronting a Jezebel, the subject may be changed five times in one minute. Confusion keeps them “undiscovered” and unexposed.

6. Volunteers for anything

A Jezebel volunteers in order to establish control. He seemingly has endless (nervous) energy and eagerly looks for opportunities to be in charge of projects. Although he will work hard, his motive is never pure, and eventually his secret agenda cannot be hidden.

7. Lies

A Jezebel lies convincingly. No one can lie better than he can. He can turn on the charm and make you believe blue is red. He always fools those whom he’s just met while those who have been victimized by his tactics stand by helplessly. The fact that Jezebel can look you in the eye and lie just shows how strong and adamant this rebellious and recalcitrant spirit is.

8. Ignores people

A classic ploy of a controller is to ignore you when you disagree with him. This tactic is frequently used by leaders when someone doesn’t agree with their plans, and they isolate the person by ignoring him. Some in these situations have been ignored for months, just because they chose not to be a puppet and say to every idea or whim. This puts the person out of the leader’s grace and forces him to either “come around” to the leader’s way of thinking or be indefinitely ignored. One is not free to disagree with a controller.

9. Never gives credit or shows gratitude

A Jezebel will rarely acknowledge another person’s actions, not even for something that turned out to greatly benefit the Jezebel. He just cannot bring himself to say thank you or to acknowledge that someone else did something right. There are those who have gone out of their way to bless a Jezebel by being the catalyst of sending him on a trip or giving a gift. Yet never will there be a thank you. This again puts the controller in a position of power.

10. Criticizes everyone

This is a characteristic of a controller. He has to be the one who looks good, so he will quickly sharply criticize anyone who makes a suggestion or plan. Even though he likes the plan, he can only criticize it because the idea did not originate from him. Criticizing others elevates the controller in his own mind.

11. Oneupmanship

A person with a Jezebel spirit will always upstage another person. He feels threatened by anyone who dares to steal the limelight or anyone who is a threat to his power and control. If you are with such a person and tell of your accomplishment or victory, you can be assured he will quickly tell of something he has accomplished.

12. Sequesters information

A Jezebel loves to be in control of information. If there is ever a situation where information is important, he will push to be the “first” to know it. He seems to know everything about everyone. Where he gets all his information is beyond comprehension, but he can dictate to you data and details about people’s lives and actions in mass quantities.

13. Uses information

A Jezebel uses information as a leverage for power and then shares tidbits with you, often things told him in confidence. This gives him a sense of power, even to the point of trying to impress people by “knowing things” that others do not.

14. Talks incessantly

Many people talk habitually, but a Jezebel uses talking as a form of control. In a typical conversation, he does all the talking, whether it is about sports, the weather or the Kingdom of God. Because of this form of control, he is unable to receive input from anyone in his life. All conversation with him is one-sided. You are doing the listening.

15. Spiritualizes everything

When a controller is confronted, he commonly spiritualizes the situation, explaining it off on God. This prevents him from owning up to responsibility required of him. The implication is always, “You’ve got a problem; I don’t.”

16. Is insubordinate

A Jezebel never takes the side of the employer or a person in authority, unless it is a temporary action to make himself look good. He often will take credit for someone else’s idea. His main desire is for power and control. There is no conscience when an opportunity for recognition presents itself.

17. Is pushy and domineering

A person with a Jezebel spirit pressures you to do things, seemingly ripping from you your right to choose or make a decision for yourself. He makes others feel as though they don’t have enough sense to think for themselves.

18. Is clairvoyant

Many who operate with a spirit of control also have a clairvoyant spirit. A Jezebel has supernatural help in knowning and sensing information. If he uses this against you, he may say “I can’t tell you how I know this. I just know it.” This is not the Holy Spirit, but the help of a clairvoyant or familiar spirit. Clairvoyance may be defined as the power to perceive things that are out of the range of human senses.

19. Uses the element of surprise

A Jezebel’s main thrust is to be in control, and a large part of control is catching you off guard. Therefore, the element of surprise works well when he shows up a day early for a meeting, etc.

20. Sows seeds of discord

A Jezebel will continually belittle another person in the most subtle way. The strategy is to “gain” control by minimizing the value of another person. It is common for him to tell half-truths to implicate another person in your eyes. By sowing these seeds, he hopes to eventually reap a harvest of destruction, improving his position of power.

21. Commands attention

A Jezebel likes to be the center of attention and doesn’t like to see others recognized and lauded. When someone else is recognized, he will quickly undermine the person’s accomplishments verbally.

22. Is vengeful

Since a Jezebel is never wrong, if you contradict or confront one, get ready to become his worst enemy. As long as you are in agreement with him, all is fine. But if you confront or challenge him, then look out. You are the target of his fiercest venom. A Jezebel will stop at nothing to destroy your reputation.

23. Attempts to make you look like you’re the Jezebel

A Jezebel spirit is difficult to pin down. If the person is near to being confronted, he or she will skillfully twist the entire situation, trying to make the innocent person look like the one who is attempting to control. As always, the Jezebel will do anything to look like the one who is right.

24. Insinuates disapproval

A Jezebel will often imply disapproval to those under his or her control. The controlled person feels no freedom to express an opinion, for fear of disapproval. This often manifests in a marriage or in a working environment.

25. Knows it all

A Jezebel is usually blatant regarding his knowledge of everything. Quick to express his opinion in any area, he leaves little room for anyone to point out the other side of an issue. He has made idols of his opinions.

26. Is ambitious

The Jezebel has strong desire, but all for self. “I want what I want when I want it,” describes his worship of self-will. A Jezebel leader will never use the words, “We have a vision,” but rather, “My vision is thus and so.”

27. Gift giving

Gift giving is a form of manipulation a Jezebel uses that always makes you feel obligated to him. It also compromises the victim in speaking direct and confrontive truth. Naturally, not everyone who gives gifts is guilty of control, but gift giving is a tactic used by those who have a need to control.

28. Is independent

No one has input in a Jezebel’s life. He fraternizes with no one unless it is to get you to “cooperate” with his agenda.

29. Is religious

A Jezebel dwells in the local church but doesn’t like authority unless he is in the position of authority.

30. Hides

We all want to believe that the person with a Jezebel spirit is delivered. The person may seem “normal” for a period, exhibiting none of the classic traits. Then suddenly without warning a situation will arise, once again with the spirit taking control and wreaking havoc over lives. Hopefully, true repentance will come. Only then will the person be delivered.

The good news is that God gives each individual person the freedom of choice. Everyone has the freedom to make decisions, to make mistakes, to think for himself, to communicate, to like or dislike and to express his taste and creativity. 

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