Miracle prayer

Hallelujah! I want to express publicly before his people my heart-felt thanks to God for his mighty miracles. All who are thankful should ponder them with me. For his miracles demonstrate his honor, majesty, and eternal goodness. Who can forget the wonders he performs-deeds of mercy and of grace?”Psalm 111:1-4 TLB

~ ~ ~

Father God,

You proclaim in your Word that you do miracles. You boldly announce your miracles. You do not whisper them or hide them for fear we will ask you for more of them.

You love to bless your children.

We read that you parted the Red Sea, saved Daniel from the lions’ den, and paid the taxes Jesus owed from money inside a fish.

You healed people of every kind of health problem from fevers to blindness to feared diseases. You even picked up an ear laying on the ground and miraculously placed it back on the person’s head attached and healed.

Today I come to you with my problems. They are large, but they are no larger than ones you have already performed.

You tell us to ask you for what we want.

In James, you tell us that sometimes we don’t get because we don’t ask.

Lord, I’m asking that you would intervene in my problem and bring your supernatural power to help me.

I’m going to boldly reach out to others who love you and ask them to pray with me for my situation.

Father, I declare that I will not just seek your power, but I will continually seek an ever deepening relationship with you.

I will agree with Psalm 73:28 TLB “But as for me, I get as close to God as I can!”

In love, I pray in Jesus’ Name,


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