Cover with the Blood of Jesus

“Lord, I cover myself and everyone around me with the blood of Jesus. I cover all of the members of my family (call them by name) with the blood of Jesus. I cover my home, my land, my car, my finances, my marriage, my ministry, with the blood of Jesus. In the Name of Jesus Christ, by the power of His blood, I break off every power of the kingdom of darkness and cancel every argument in heaven that has established itself against the plans of God in my life and spoil every attack of the enemy. I call forth, in the name of Jesus, all of God’s plans and purposes for my life, and my family. As for me and my house, we shall serve the Lord. Satan, the blood of Jesus is against you and you have no authority over my life. NO WEAPON FORMED AGAINST ME (OR MY FAMILY) SHALL PROSPER!”

Pleading the Blood of Jesus Christ

“Lord Jesus Christ, this day and each and every day to come, I plead your Precious Blood of protection over my spouse, each of my children, our immediate family members, relatives, friends, acquaintances, all true Christian believers who I may be forgetting, and lastly myself; I cover with your Precious Blood, Lord Jesus Christ, all that we are, have and possess, and our travels by car, boat, plane, our income, our finances, possessions, health, safety, welfare, our bodies, our body parts-systems-functions-organs-members-senses. I put all of these things under the covering of Your Precious Blood and decree that Satan cannot touch them, neither this day nor any day to come, all in Your Name, Lord Jesus Christ.”