Prayer for Confession of adultery

Forgive each other and confess your sins!

Father God, right now, I know that my spouse has been cheating on me and I am asking You to help me deal with this heartbreak. I need Your comfort and strength to endure and not just give up on them. Please help drive my spouse to their need to confess their sin and that they would see the grievous sin that adultery is. Only You can grant them brokenness before You and I pray You would move their heart to confess their sin to You and come to me to confess it to me so that we can begin healing this relationship and glorify You oh God in our marriage and in the precious name of the Lord Jesus Christ I pray, amen.


SOUL Ties: Wrong Sexual Relationships

Lord, I see that sex and excessive emotional ties outside of marriage is wrong.  I am truly sorry and I repent.  In Jesus name I now break the soul tie that I made with ______ (name all individuals with whom you have ties with).  I no longer want that tie and I no longer need it in my life.  I thank you that in faith I am free from all attachments of the past.  Please give me the power of the Holy Spirit to live a pure life for you.”  In Jesus name I pray. amen.

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