Spiritual Warfare Prayers Against Spiritual Oppression and Attacks and Destruction

Spiritual Warfare Prayers Against Spiritual Oppression and Attacks and Destruction
[by John Eckhardt]

I bind and cast out the spirit of Apollyon (Abaddon) in the name of Jesus. (Rev 9:11)

I am redeemed from destruction. (Ps 103:4)

I break all curses of destruction in my family and bloodline in the name of Jesus.

I renounce all pride that would open the door for destruction. (Pro 16:18)

Rescue my soul from destructions. (Ps 35:17)

Send Your Word, and deliver me from any destruction. (Ps 107:20)

The destroyer cannot come into my life or family in the name of Jesus. (Exo 12:23)

The destroyer cannot destroy my prosperity. (Job 15:21)

I am delivered from destruction that wastes at noonday. (Ps 91:6)

There is no wasting or destruction within my borders. (Isa 60:18)

I will enter in at the straight gate, and I will not walk in the path that leads to destruction. (Matt 7:13)

I bind the spirit of mammon that leads to destruction. (1 Tim 6:9–10)

I will keep my mouth and avoid destruction. (Pro 18:7)

I bind and rebuke the spirit of poverty that leads to destruction. (Pro 10:15)

I rebuke all destruction from my gates in the name of Jesus. (Isa 24:12)

Thank you Lord for delivering me.


Prayer for spiritual attack

“Father, having bound Satan and then every principality, power, ruler of darkness, wicked spirit in high places and all spirits not of the Holy Spirit, I take in to captivity and permanently bind and loose and break all negative words, negative prayers, curses, hexes, vexes, bewitchments, enchantments, spells, all psychic attacks, psychic assignments, psychic operations, physical attacks, physical assignments, physical operations, all thoughts of magic, sorcery, or witchcraft along with all demonic thoughts or threats spoken over, formed against, or directed at my spouse, my family members, children, relatives, friends, acquaintances, any true Christian believers or me, this day or any day past or any to come.” Oil uproot and break them, each and every one of them, and cast them down as vain thoughts and imaginations and by trusting faith, call them cancelled, made null and void, never manifested, never come to pass, cursed and destroyed at their roots and rendered of no effect, breaking them all in Christ Jesus’ Name.”